Staff Management System


The Staff members custom feature takes advantage of Drupal's Custom Content Types and the phenomenal Views Module to provide a simple and flexible Staff Management system.

A custom content type is added to your site containing unique fields for storing information about your organization's staff. Custom views are then created to display your staff in a variety of ways.

Custom content types take advantage of a flexible relational database system. This has many advantages over simple HTML pages, including:

  1. Easy-to-use data entry forms require minimal training and reduce input errors.
  2. Edit the content in one place and it is immediately updated wherever it shows on the site.
  3. Multiple editors can work on the site at the same time. 
  4. The same data can be shown in many different ways, including individual staff member pages, full department lists, JSON and RSS feeds, etc.
  5. The display of staff member information follows a consistent design accross all pages on the site.
  6. Lists of staff members can be easily sorted and displayed by name, grade, department, etc.
  7. Custom, password-protected administration views provide complete lists of staff records. You can change the display order by clicking and dragging, hide individual records from public view, and much more.



A minimal set of fields for a staff record includes First name, Last name, Title, Photo, Biography, Email, Phone and Group. Private fields can be hidden from regular site viewers, and perhaps displayed only to parents or school administrators. Additional fields can be easily added at any time.


Thanks to Drupal's flexible Views Module, complex new views can be added to the website in a matter of minutes without the need for custom programming. Existing views are easily modified at any time, again without the need for custom programming.