Wooden Boat Challenge

The Wooden Boat Challenge is one of the Bodega Bay Fisherman Festival’s main attractions, with thousands of spectators cheering on 18 teams competing for the first place trophy and bragging rights. Teams are given limited materials to build a boat (no power tools except screwdrivers) before racing it around a marked course, and to do so faster than any other team.

Competition is fierce and fun as teams work with the materials provided (no power tools allowed, except battery operated drills) at this family friendly community fundraiser. Expect creative designs, costumed teams, skilled crafts people and at least one ‘sinker’.  

It is no surprise that the Wooden Boat Challenge is a highlight of the festival and continues to grow in popularity year after year.  

The Challenge

The Wooden Boat Challenge in Bodega Bay, CA needed a new website in time for their 2015 event. Key requirements included an easy-to-use slideshow management system, registration forms for teams members, volunteers and sponsors, and integration with Facebook and PayPay.

The Solution

The site was implemented in Drupal 7 using the mobile, responsive Bootstrap 3 CSS framework. Customized forms were created using the Webform module for team member signups, volunteer oppotunities, and sponsorships.

Much more is planned for this site in time for the 2016 event.