Oasis Window Cleaning

Since 1977, Oasis Window Cleaning has provided the highest quality service throughout Sonoma County. One way they acheive this is by keeping the business small and simple. 

By working with a small, well-trained team, theyt seek to provide consistently great service for my customers.

The Challenge

Oasis was using one of the "free" click and drag website building sites that seems so cheap and easy at first. They found that as their needs increased the product that seemed so inexpensvie at first was beginning to cost a bundle due to hidden costs for each new feature.

The Solution

By switching their website to Drupal, a GNU GPL and open source content mangement system, Oasis Window Cleaning was able to acheive immediate savings. Plus they can new add many more features quickly, easily and often truely for free.

With the inclusion of better webforms, they also saw an increase in the number of online orders they receive.